China is the future of green energy transition.


2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the great power abundant in energy and resources. It has also been five years since President Xi Jinping announced the new strategy for energy and resources security. In this felicitous year, ABEC has gathered again.


Thinking back, when the first session of ABEC was held in 2013, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in China didn't exceed 20,000 units. The first version of domestically produced  motor battery system of electric vehicles had just entered into mass production.


It's been a long way to 2019's 7th ABEC. Since 2015, China has established itself as the undisputed dual world champion in new energy vehicles and motor battery production. Six months into 2019, there were over 3.44 million vehicles in China.


 Over the past seven years, as calls for economic development have continually grown in intensity, energy security and safety have become matters of urgency. The green transition has become the driving force behind the energy revolution that is effecting sea change in the international energy market patterns. Green energy, proving to be more than an ad hoc solution, but rather a credible alternative source of energy, is well on its way to become the main driving source of industrial development.


Over the past seven years, the growth of China’s green battery industry has exceeded all expectations. Lithium battery has emerged as the main component of electric vehicles. New battery technologies, such as fuel cell, solid cell and graphene, have taken off. Accordingly, ABEC, formerly dubbed the “Davos of Lithium”, is now the “Davos of Batteries”。


Since its founding in 2013, ABEC has had six successful editions in Yichun (Jiangxi), Chengdu (Sichuan), Wuhan (Hubei), Changsha (Hunan), Shantou (Guangdong) and Qiangdao (Shandong)。 More than 3,000 institutions or organizations, and thousands of influential guests have taken part in the forum.


Building on the World Economic Forum, the ABEC has developed into an open, inclusive, expert-driven world-class international forum and a platform to establish dialogues on cutting-edge technologies and market applications. This professional forum has won extensive recognition and support from the industry.


Over the past seven years, China has made undeniably great achievements in the green battery industry. However, both short term and long term concerns should not be ignored.


This year, the automobile industry has generally followed a downward path. Moreover,  subsidies for the electric vehicles were substantially reduced. This revolution offers both opportunities and challenges to the green battery industry. In light of frequent accidents, how can we ensure the security of the whole industrial chain of new energy vehicles? After the cutback of government subsidies and the retreat of overheated investment, what new opportunities and challenges await us? As the technology advances, when will the next generation of battery technology and market emerge? With the newly established registration mechanism and the opening of the science and technology innovation board, how do gazelles and unicorns come to a decision about the investment market? There's also the issue of battery autonomy and residual value: Charge or change, which will come on top? How to improve battery quality in the “Industry 4.0” era? With the influx of foreign capital, how can local brands stand out? As our “circle of friends” is expanding, and as we are heading for a low-profit period, how can we create a battery industrial ecosphere ? ……


These questions are reason enough to meet again in ABEC 2019, share our ideas and progress side by side.




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