2020年,一场全球性的新冠疫情,改变了电池新能源等诸多产业的格局与走向,也改变了很多企业的“干法”与“活法”。剧变之下,电池新能源健康生态链如何构建?ABEC 2020,相约中国长沙,让我们一起寻找答案!


2020 marks the fulfillment of the goals in the last decade, as well as the year for drawing the blueprint of the next 10 years.


In 2013, embracing the dream of creating a brand-new lithium world,we rooted ABEC in this fertile soil of China. Nearly 700 influential guests from China, Germany, France, the United States, Switzerland, Spain, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Britain, Italy, Japan, South Korea and Singapore gathered in Yichun, Jiangxi Province, bringing together cutting-edge wisdom and innovative technologies to explore the future of battery industry and promote the business process of the lithium world.


At that time, the lithium battery production of China, Japan and South Korea took up more than 90% of the global total. Among them, the number of Chinese lithium battery manufacturers reached about 430, with a cumulative output of 4.768 billion lithium batteries.


Looking back, the sales volume of new energy vehicles in China was only 17,600, with the motor lithium battery still at investment period and small-batch production stage and the technical routes unclear. The cost of mainstream motor lithium battery pack exceeded 5 yuan per watt-hour, which failed to meet the large-scale industrialization of new energy vehicles.


Back then, facing the technological blockade of Europe, the United States, Japan and South Korea, the domestication of China’s new energy vehicles, batteries and other spare parts experienced a hard start. We still hold great visions for 2020. The promising outlook for 2020 gives us the determination and courage to move forward and conquer all obstacles.


Let’s embrace 2020!


In 2020, the world is at the historic juncture amongst changes. The worldwide epidemic COVID-19 has changed the pattern and trend of various industries including battery industry and new energy industry, the operational mode and business practice of many companies and more importantly, people’s attitude toward social intercourse and hygienic habits.


Today, ABEC ushered in the 8th session. China, Japan and South Korea have strengthened their dominating positions in the global battery industry. China has become the main battlefield for the electrification of vehicles, with the scale of production and sales expanding year by year. The number of new energy vehicle has reached 4.17 million in the first half of this year and the new energy vehicle will remain one of the fastest-growing markets for electrification in the future.


Now, the annual registered number of motor battery-related enterprises in China has increased from less than 300 ten years ago to nearly 3,000. By July 2020, there are nearly 13,000 motor battery-related enterprises in China, and battery energy’s advantages in cost, technology, supply chain and customers are increasingly obvious. Many battery technical routes are complementary and coexisting, and the cost of mainstream motor lithium battery packs has been reduced to below 1 yuan per watt-hour.


At the present time, the internationalization of domestic competition and domestication of international competition has become more prominent in the green battery industry. Since 2017, the exported quantity and amount of lithium batteries in China have always been larger than imports, and with the globalization of supply has accelerated with the independent brands entering the supply chain of multinational enterprises continuously increasing. At the same time, multinational companies' green battery business in China has developed by leaps and bounds with frequently actions of investment and share-buying.


In 2020, under the influence of post-subsidy era plus the epidemic, a series of profound changes are taking place in the green battery industry - policy support and regulatory mechanism innovation, rising popularity of spin-off and IPO, dispute over de-cobalting of cathode material, substantial decrease of newly emerged car-making enterprises, the fluctuation of installed capacity ranking of motor battery enterprises, the accelerated penetration of smart manufacturing and Internet thinking, the expansion of 5G, energy storage and other battery market segments, the strong domination of foreign brands in China’s market, the upward breakthrough sought by independent brands...


What kind of operational mode and business practice are required of us in this post-epidemic era? Under the global competition, how can the industrial chain and enterprises of green battery industry further develop in China? How to construct the healthy ecological chain of green battery industry amid the shake-up?

ABEC 2020,我们一起寻找答案!

ABEC 2020, let’s search the answers together!


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